TSTST [testsite] creates art spaces for media-art, art-science and creative networks.

The organization initiates and develops thematic exhibits and research-based projects. Using online and temporary spaces (anti-squat) within the city, TSTST operates as a nomadic platform.

TSTST aims to present a new generation of artists who exist at the intersection of art, media and technology. As a non-profit organization, we research, promote, share and support experimental or unconventional art created by artists at the beginning of their careers.


The goal of the foundation is to research and present contemporary visual arts.

TSTST is a test site, which means that the foundation offers space for experiment and research. With this experimental attitude TSTST aims to test existing institutes for their ability to provide for the needs of a new generation of artists.

The founders don’t see the foundation as the property of a closed group, but as a public source in service of a new generation of artists. The foundation is based on “bridge builders” that act from their cherished idealistic goals for art, culture and the city. TSTST welcomes collaboration with organisations and individuals.

To realize its goal, TSTST searches for possibilities, funding, gifts and donations, grants, heritage/bequest, diverse.