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TSTST [testsite] is a nomadic art space and online platform that showcases experimental and interdisciplinary art.

The founders of TSTST share the following artistic principles.

1. All contemporary art is made in the context of the post-internet era.

2. Power is embedded not only in functioning technologies but also in dysfunctionality.

3. History is not linear, it has not “been”. Old technologies lie beneath the surface serving as building blocks for modern developments.

4. Hacking and repurposing old technology is a viable alternative to throwaway consumer culture, planned obsolescence is a sin.

5. With a DIY mentality, any space can be utilized in a variety of ways.

6. Art and science (and thus technology) exist in overlapping fields, as they have always done.

7. It is pertinent that technology is critically assessed through art.

8. As with scientists, artists should strive to see the world in new ways and communicate that vision.

9. A popular saying is that “everything in art has already been done” but through new technology new artistic expressions become possible, so this statement cannot be true.

10. But even so; nothing is made within a vacuum.


Testsite studio
Schiekade 189
3031 BR Rotterdam


TSTST Augmented Reality Instagram Filter


Window Exhibition – Crossover Interfacing


WDKA Student Exhibition – Hyper Reality


WDKA Student Exhibition – Breaking Structures


Opening up the Testsite


Window Exhibition – Artificiality: A Natural Occurence


Testsite Meent #CBKmaaktmogelijk